The biochemistry major has special characteristics that will make you a valuable addition to prospective employers:

  • Extensive knowledge of both chemistry and biology.
  • Ability to investigate the quality of biological organisms.
  • Careful record keeping skills.
  • Analytical skills and orientation to detail.
  • Advanced critical thinking, problem solving, and research skills.
  • Aptitude to conduct research and statistically analyze data.
  • Ability to use scientific equipment and measuring instruments.
  • Skill to predict the effects of toxins on biological processes.
  • Capacity to understand and express complex scientific and technical information.
  • Competency to provide solutions in agriculture, forestry, medicine, or space exploration.                                 
Possible Career Paths

Although this major will prepare you for the following careers, advanced training/education may be required. Research careers/job titles that interest you to become aware of the requirements for this field:

Agriculture Development
Biomedical Engineer
Clinical Researcher
E.P.A. Investigator
Food / Drug Inspector
Food Scientist
Forensic Scientist
Hazardous Waste Specialist
HMO Administrator                                
Laboratory Supervisor
Medical Instrument Development / Sales
Nuclear Engineer
Occupational Safety Regulator
Patent Attorney
Pharmaceutical Research / Sales
Product Development Manager
Public Health Educator
Quality Control Inspector
Scientific Editor
Science Teacher

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