The chemistry major has special characteristics that will make you a valuable addition to prospective employers:

  • Careful record keeping skills.
  • Analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Advanced critical thinking, problem solving, and research skills.
  • Capability of conducting research and statistically analyzing the data.
  • Ability to use scientific equipment and measuring instruments.
  • Capacity to understand and express complex scientific and technical information.
  • Skills to use logic, the scientific method, and knowledge of scientific theories to solve problems in industry, heath, agriculture, mining and space.
  • Expert analysis of biological and chemical substances.
  • Foundation to test products and equipment to ensure quality and safety.
  • Qualifications to identify and treat contaminants in air, water, and soil.
  • Potential to predict outcomes of mixing substances.
  • Ability to use heat, light, energy and chemical catalysts to change substances.
  • Capability to improve industrial processes with the purpose of creating more efficient and effective methods for creating and studying of chemicals.                   
Possible Career Paths

Although this major will prepare you for the following careers, advanced training/education may be required. Research careers/job titles that interest you to become aware of the requirements for this field:

Agriculture Inspector
Air Analyst
Art Conservator
Chemical and Equipment Sales
Chemical Laboratory Technician
Crime Laboratory Analysis
Document Restorer
Environmental Analyst
Environmental Epidemiologist
Environmental Scientist
Forensic Scientist
Hazardous Waste Management Specialist
Medical Technologist
Occupational Safety Specialist
Patent Examiner
Patent Attorney
Pharmaceutical Development / Sales
Quality Assurance Tester
Soil Scientist
Technical Writer
Water Treatment Specialist

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For further information, please contact:

Center for Career and Professional Development
Nexus Building, Room 225
p – 516.877.3130

Students and Alumni:

Department of Chemistry
p – 516.877.4130

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