Communication Disorders

The communication disorders major has special characteristics that will make you a valuable addition to prospective employers:

  • Expansive knowledge in oral communication, speech production, speech pathology, diagnosis/treatment, biology and psychology.
  • Ability to explain to patients/clients about their diagnosis/rehabilitation plans.
  • Capability to use technology to treat and help their clients with speech and/or hearing loss.
  • Ability to interpret and explain tests results in an easily understood fashion.
  • Strong interpersonal, empathy, communication, and listening skills.
  • Clinical experience.
  • Orientation to detail and analytical skills.
Possible Career Paths

Although this major will prepare you for the following careers, advanced training/education may be required. Research careers/job titles that interest you to become aware of the requirements for this field:

Acoustical Engineers
Audiologist Research Assistant
Deaf Education Specialist
Deaf Studies Teacher
Disability Advocate
Geriatric Audiologist
Health Educator
Hearing Research
Human Resource Specialist
Music Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Organizational Psychologist
Physical Therapist
Recreational Therapist
Rehabilitation Counselor
Sales Representative
School Counselor
Sign Language Instructor
Sign Language Interpreter
Special Education Director
Special Education Teacher
Speech Teacher
Speech / Language / Hearing Scientist
Speech-Language Pathologist
Vocational Therapist
Voice Coach

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