Pre-Law Concentration

While there is not a specific pre-law major, there is a pre-law concentration program at Adelphi.

The American Bar Association does not recommend a particular major, nor is there a major that law schools prefer. It is recommended that you choose a major that will help you develop skills that are necessary as a future law student and lawyer such as reading comprehension, research, writing, critical analysis, problem solving, and public speaking.

In addition to choosing a major that will nurture these skills, you should also pick a major that interests you. People tend to do better in majors that they enjoy. This major will yield a higher GPA which will increase your chances of being admitted to law school.

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For further information, please contact:

Center for Career and Professional Development
Nexus Building, Room 225
p – 516.877.3130

Students and Alumni:

Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships
Nexus Building, Room 145
p – 516.877.3140
e –

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